"I keep my sanity by creating characters to talk to and worlds to live in."

What did I say about my sanity?

Published Works

The Chosen Series (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Thriller)

Chosen eBook and print
Hunted eBook and print
Sacrifice eBook and print
Redemption eBook and print

Short Stories (prequels)
Emergence eBook only
Middle Ground eBook only
Homecoming eBook only

The Chosen Box Set (Chosen, Hunted, Sacrifice) eBook only

Middle Ground

Rose Gardner Mysteries (Rom Com Mystery)

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes eBook and print
Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons eBook and print
Thirty and a Half Excuses eBook and print
Falling to Pieces eBook and print
Thirty-One and Half Regrets eBook and print
Thirty-Two and a Half Complications eBook and print
Picking Up the Pieces eBook and print
Thirty-Three and a Half Shenanigans eBook and print
Thirty-Four and a Half ?? (2015)
Thirty-Five and a Half ?? (2015)

Rose Gardner Mysteries Box Set vol 1 (Twenty-Eight through Thirty, plus Falling to Pieces) eBookonly

On the Otherside (YA sci fi/paranormal romance)

Here eBook and print
There eBook and print
Somewhere (2015)

Off The Subject (New Adult contemporary romance)

After Math eBook and print
Redesigned eBook and print
Business As Usual eBook and print

Curse Keepers (urban fantasy/paranormal romance) 

The Curse Keepers eBook and print
This Place is Death–short story eBook
The Curse Breakers eBook and print
This Changes Everything–short story
The Curse Defiers eBook and print
This is Your Destiny–short story
Curse Keepers #4 (new trilogy/story arc) 2015

The Wedding Pact (humorous contemporary romance)

The Substitute eBook and print
The Player(2nd book in The Wedding Pact..June 2015)

Upcoming Events

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Honolulu, Hawaii

September 23-24, 2016
Penned Con
St. Louis City Center Hotel
St. Louis, MO


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