Why I Wear Headphones

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June 4, 2011
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June 21, 2011
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Why I Wear Headphones

Summer vacation is here! Yay! Unfortunately, I’ve had a hard time concentrating the last few days. I wonder why. This video was taken just a few moments ago from my desk chair.

Be sure to get to at least 30 seconds to get the “full effect.”
*this is a cross post with my family blog


  1. Oh, puh-leeze. You think that’s bad? I didn’t see that dog jump onto your keyboard even once. And the kids didn’t smack you in the side of the head with a single balloon. Which is why I’ve bypassed drinking and gone straight to the Valium. And the headphones, of course.

    • dms052564 says:

      ROFL! Touche’, however the camera was only rolling for about 40 seconds. The three-year-old is currently hanging onto the arm of my chair and swiveling it around.

  2. Trisha Leigh says:

    LMAO I feel like I’m actually *at* your house right now. *turns on Buffy* *writes in silence*

  3. LOL! I’d wear headphones too! It’s amazing you get any writing done!

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