Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Seven

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June 20, 2012
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June 22, 2012
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Twenty-Nine Reasons to Love Rose Gardner: Reason Seven

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Day seven is another Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes coffee mug with a sample of my favorite summer tea bags.  I go through a ton of iced tea in the summertime.  I rarely drink soda.  The other day Denise asked if you all liked hot or cold tea.  I’m a seasonal tea drinker…hot in the winter, cold in the summer.  In the winter I love Harry and David’s Blueberry Pomegranate Tea.  In the summertime, it’s Luzianne with Constant Comment.  Now I’m thirsty.

Is there a special tea blend that you prefer?  Comments will be open until Friday the 22nd at midnight.  Good Luck and Happy Tea drinking.

Deven is the winner of the day seven giveaway.  We will be contacting you by email to get your address for shipping.  Congratulations!


  1. Iced tea and lemonade!

  2. Paola Bell says:

    For iced tea, just regular Lipton or Luzianne. For hot tea I prefer camomile.

  3. Jeanine says:

    One of the places I get my breakfast from has a freshly brewed raspberry ice tea.

  4. Anne says:

    Teavanna’s Very Berry (discontinued) mixed with Orange Roobios. Works both hot and cold.

  5. Candace says:

    Hot tea: Aveda Comforting Tea
    Iced tea: fresh brewed unsweetened with peach

  6. Carie Lewis says:

    I like any kind of tea, but in the summer, we like to make suntea in our jar outside and add some frozen berries to eat. It’s nice and refreshing on a really hot day!

  7. I like iced tea and lemonade mixed half/half. Especially in the summer and in the winter I drink it hot. 🙂

  8. Good ol’ Southern Iced Sweet Tea!
    Make sun tea all year round!

  9. Deven says:

    Lipton’s Iced Tea all year around. If I remember I love making it in the sun.

  10. Jules says:

    Not a huge tea person-but when I do have some it’s usually Tazo’s Zen tea .. .

  11. I love tea but I don’t like any flavors other than regular sweet tea.

  12. Oh my gosh … haven’t thought about constant comment tea in years … now I am thirsty … lately I’ve been trying to drink more green tea …. When I’m on the go … I like tea from QT … they have lots of good flavors and you can’t beat the summer drink special!

  13. Emilia A. says:

    Hot Tea: Celestial Seasoning’s Chamomile and Honey
    Iced tea: Home brewed green tea flavored with Pomegranite tea

  14. Dana Norton says:

    Jasmine–the smell that still lingers to a stuff animal bought for oldest in China.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I don’t drink tea but love an ice cold lemonade! 🙂

  16. Kappi says:

    Numi Moroccan Mint is the best mint tea!

  17. Emilia A. says:

    Favorite hot tea is chamomile with honey by Celestial Seasonings. Nothing else puts me out like it at bedtime.

    I brew my own green tea with a bit of Pomegranate Pizzazz from Bigelow. It’s yummy!

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