Redemption eBook ARC Giveaway

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Redemption eBook ARC Giveaway

From Monday, September 24 until Tuesday, October 9, I will be giving away ONE eBook ARC of Redemption a day.  The giveways will alternate from my Facebook author page to my blog to an occasional Twitter post.

Winners will be chosen after midnight and at random from comments posted on the announcement that day. ARCs will be available as a Kindle file, an ePub, or a PDF file. Reviews would be greatly appreciated, but are not necessary.

It is important to note that the ARC has not been proof read and WILL have typos.Hopefully, they have been kept to an minimum.  If this could annoy you and ruin your reading experience, then you should NOT read an ARC and wait for the cleaned up version that will be released on October 10.

The first day of the contest will be on my Facebook author page. You must like my author page and leave a comment.

Blog post days will require you to be a newsletter subscriber and leave a comment.

Twitter posts will require you to post a tweet with the hashtag #Redemption. More details to follow.

I will announce every day on my Facebook author page where that day’s posting will be.

I will also announce it on Twitter:

as well as my Facebook account: Feel free to friend me!

Good luck and I hope you like Redemption!




  1. Desiree Schriever says:

    Iam so in love with Will!!!!!!!!!

  2. Roberta Stephens says:

    I love all of your books,But the Character of Jake had me in tears. When my grandson Jordan was born I had to care for him as his mother was unable and did not want to.
    For the first 2 years he was a curley headed little boy. So happy, also so serious at times,but his mother decided it was time for her to have him and took him and moved to another state. At first I didn’t know where he was and it was torture. To this date I have only seen him a couple of times since then.(5 yrs old now) I cried when they took Jake. You write so well about Emma’s anguish that it brought back all those feelings again.
    After reading your stories I searched and found them on facebook.
    Now I have Pictures at least. I will never give up hope to see him again. Like Emma will never give up trying to find Jake.
    Thank you for this story and for letting me tell mine to you.

  3. Joelle in NJ says:

    Yeah! Can’t wait. 🙂

  4. Christina Wilson says:


  5. Nicole says:

    I am ready to start reading!! Love all your books,!! Xo

  6. Kendra says:

    Just finished Sacrifice, CAN’T wait for the fourth book!! What a great , I’ve read all 3 in a week and a half.

  7. Nicole says:

    Ready to start reading the new book!!!

  8. Emily Pearson says:

    You’re killing me smalls, you’re really killing me. I am a mess waiting to read redemption!!!! A friggin mess! I haven’t read a book series this fast since I read all 6 of The Vampire Academy books in one weeked! You want to talk about phenomena! There’s a picture of Denise in the dictionary next to phenomenal!! Cannot wait!

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