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January 2014 Newsletter Poll

Just answer this one.

Check all that apply.


In the comments below, tell me your favorite genres.

After January 31, we’ll pick a random commenter to win a $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card. Winner will be announced in the February, 2014 newsletter.
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  1. Dana C says:

    I love thriller and mystery with some romance thrown in.

  2. Sharon K. says:

    I am a voracious reader and love all types of genres, but especially mysteries with a side of romance.

  3. Emily Pearson says:

    I will really read anything once. Life is too short to be picky. Though some I dont like as much as others. Thriller and romance and young adult and urban fantasy and historical and fiction…I voted for almost every one lol

  4. Christie Timpson says:

    I really enjoy reading urban fantasy with just a few romance scene to spice it up some!

  5. Mooj says:

    My favorite is contemporary romantic mystery that’s funny and has good sex scenes.

  6. Tammy Matuska says:

    The mysteries in both Chosen and the Rose Gardners series intrigue me and the romance added in is a bonus, not a real fan of steamy love scenes but with both Rose and Emma I am curios whom she will finally chose.

  7. Kathy Bonham says:

    I love books of all kinds but mysteries are my favorites. Throw in a little romance and fun and you can’t lose.

  8. Alyssa says:

    I’m a fan of romance mysteries. Something that hooks me because I need to know what happens, but also has some sort of love story because I am a girl after all. I am not a huge fan of steamy sex scenes though.

  9. Pam says:

    I love reading and it doesn’t matter what the genre is as long as it’s a terrific read. But when I’m looking for something specific to read I always look for a Rom-Com, followed by Mystery-Suspense Romance, and Sci-Fi Romance.

  10. Sarah Bruecks says:

    Any genre I can get my hands on!

  11. Laura Miller says:

    I’m usually strictly chick lit romance,but am really enjoying trying the mystery books! Not so much of a fan of fantasy, n can’t get involved in the vampire hype, but I’m always open to trying ne books x

  12. Nikki Daniels says:


    Fantasy romance. The Rose Gardner series is my kind of genre.

  13. Kathy rice says:

    I love suspense/ romance!!

  14. Cherri says:

    I love to read and will try anything. I really like when I get recommendations from friends. I am a sucker for mystery/suspense with a side of romance.

  15. Sara M says:

    I tend to gravitate to the mystery genre….with some comedy and romance on the side.

  16. stormy udell says:

    Ahhhhhh…..I can’t choose bit anything with a love story and a bit of Sci Fi. Stuff that would never happen in real life.

  17. Tina Yankovich says:

    I love romance with murder mystery. I generally don’t like YA b/c there isn’t as much going on but I love the Rose series as it totally draws me into her world.

  18. Carol Ferguson says:

    Rose Gardner series is my favorite with Rose and Mason as my favorite couple.

  19. I love Dystopian and Post Apocalyptic books 🙂

  20. Sarah says:

    I really like thriller/mystery romance. But, really anything that has a strong heroine as the lead character with a romance thrown in as an added bonus! sierramnts@gmail.com

  21. Evelyn says:

    Romance, Sci Fi, Mystery, Historical


  22. Vonnie says:

    I am now reading mystery and thriller/suspense. I once only read true-crime so I hope to add different genres to my library.

  23. Natalie says:

    I love everything. Epic Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, Mystery.

    Its all about the story and the characters.

  24. Tabitha Rogers says:

    This is a tough question for me, but I’d have to say I enjoy romantic comedies the best. I love the romance, but it’s just so fun to laugh out loud at the antics and crazy situations that the characters get themselves into. New adult romance is a close second followed by paranormal. I have an over abundance of all these genres on my kindle!

  25. Raeline Peterson says:

    My favorites are Historical and paranormal. rae3rae3@yahoo.com

  26. Kimberly says:

    I really don’t have a specific genre. I read a synopsis and if it reels me in I’ll look at reviews. But I don’t let reviews influence me too much because 9 times out of 10 I go with my gut and what the author has already hooked me with their synopsis.

  27. Marsha says:

    I enjoy a good mystery, but am also liking paranormal, too.

  28. bridget says:

    Love all type of genres. I am not into the Harlem romance type books or over the top Romance books; I totally fell in love with the rose Gardner Series. It’s been a long time since I have read a book that I just cannot put down and the rose Gardner Series was one of them.

  29. Wendy Porter says:

    I most enjoy PG Romance.

  30. Jennifer Miller says:

    I love reading historical, thriller, paranormal, sci-fi and romance of course. If it has a great description I must read it. Lol

  31. Laura says:

    I love mystery and Thrillers. But also romance. All of that combined is the best. PINKLULLABEAN@YAHOO.COM

  32. Kertu says:

    Romantic mysteries with strong and funny heroines 🙂

  33. sarah thorburn says:

    my favourite has to be romance with a touch of comedy thats why i enjoy the rose series. there is a lot of comedy in the stories so far.

  34. Erin says:

    Mystery/thriller with a bit of romance. Historical romance…

  35. Shannon Fuhrman says:

    I will read any genre, but my favorites are romance or YA. I also really like memoirs, especially when they’re military related.

  36. Heather Teall says:

    This is a hard question, I don’t have just one! Historical’s , romantic comedies, paranormal, mystery’s are just a few.

  37. TriciaP says:

    It’s a hard question, I like a lot of different books & genres! Romance, Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult (including YA Fiction, YA Paranormal, YA romance, etc), Paranormal, some Sci/fi/fantasy, some mystery, etc. 🙂


  38. Terry Mitchell says:

    Paranormal is my current favorite, always loved mysteries though.

  39. Megan Stietz says:

    I am quite eclectic and read just about anything(I said just about)…I love paranormal, contemporary NA or YA, mysteries, thrillers, sweet, funny, dark, well I read a lot and I like to keep a good balance of what I read every month. 🙂 pac_o_peaches@yahoo.com

  40. Ginny says:

    Mystery and Romance

  41. Angela says:

    Romance/Romantic Comedy, Historical, Mystery, anything with a good plot EMAIL: drabeiram@aim.com

  42. Alana C. says:

    I love thrillers. alanachika@hotmail.com

  43. Dreams says:

    Most of what I read is paranormal.


  44. Rachel says:

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery

  45. Jess lunniss says:

    I’m a sucker for romance…

  46. Monique Cashmere says:

    I too am a sucker for romance and with the added mysteries, it’s a win win for me. Although I don’t just read this genre, I will give anything a go.

  47. Megan Myers says:

    My favorite genre is romance and in particular I like romantic suspense. But I am always up for reading a hot and steamy, feel good romance story any day.

  48. G. Ruth Stewart says:

    I love Romance and Mystery mainly, but I don’t limit myself to those categories. I just Love to read!

  49. Lori says:

    Love romance above all, but sometimes I like a little mystery and humor added to the mix.

  50. bn100 says:

    contemporary, paranormal

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  51. Melinda Merritt says:

    I love all sorts of genres. I love a good romance that makes you feel all the emotions of the characters and has a happy ending.

  52. Sandy Bartles says:

    My favorite genres are contemporary romance, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, mystery.

  53. Elizabeth says:

    Lately I’m loving the new adult romances, but I read it all!


  54. Barbara Mills says:

    Mystery/suspense with lots of hot romance. Add some paranormal and some historical in there too as a bonus. Barbmills46@gmail.com

  55. I have to pick a genre? I love paranormal adult romance. Vampires, werewolves, love, sex, adventure.

  56. Donna Justice says:

    I love to read and read daily. My favorites are mystery/thriller/modern romance, but I will read it all eventually. Haha

  57. Stefanie says:

    I love fantasy with some romance in it 🙂 Or just fantasy. Or thriller. Or biographies. Or… Know what? I love all kind of books! 😉

  58. Stacy says:

    My favorite genres are contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and romantic comedy. scp1019@aolDOTcom

  59. Dana G says:

    I will read anything, but I really enjoy the out of the box type books. Paranormal/Fantasy mixed with romance & mystery you cannot go wrong.

  60. Kim S says:

    Favorite Genre Denise Grover Swank.. hey she is in a class of her own 🙂 Like like Paranormal,Romance,Paranormal/Romance I read just about anything. justoneforcoupons@yahoo.com

  61. Shelly says:

    Love romance w/ suspense! So glad I found your books!!

  62. Kimberly says:

    Rose and Mason!!!

  63. Niki says:

    Mystery, romance, thriller are the faves but I read everything!


  64. Ashfa says:

    I love fantasy, thriller and dystopia!!!
    blackcapballistics AT gmail DOT com

  65. Marianna Ducharme says:

    I love Denise’s writing, and her ability to get you wraped up in the storyline. mfcantu5@gmail.com

  66. Debs says:

    I read every day and enjoy most genres but really enjoy a good mystery thriller mixed with a little romance and I do like reading a series where you get a chance to follow and really get to know the characters in the books.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Rose Gardner books 🙂

  67. Amanda says:

    I enjoy a good mystery with a bit of romance

  68. Angela says:

    I love young adult and new adult contemporary, and romance.

  69. Shannon L says:

    Love romance, young adult, mystery and paranormal. So all the types you write ;). Ubershanny@yahoo.com

  70. Brigitte Johnson says:

    I love adult Romance with Mystery, like the Rose Gardner series. Can’t decide though between Joe and Mason, it’s a tough call. Maybe book #5 will help me decide?

  71. angie says:

    I read a lot and sometimes I will read almost anything but my favorite I think is romance with some mystery, or maybe some historical romance……….. or maybe some romantic paranormal lol ok ok I like most any kind of romance lol but not with vampires or werewolves etc. lol AND it helps if theres humor I love humorous romances.

  72. Melissa M says:

    I love paranormal romances or thrillers. Anything slightly otherworldly really gets my interests.

  73. Brandi Hudson says:

    I love psychological thrillers as well as a good romantic mystery with some humor thrown in 🙂
    I will read from any genre though since I LOVE reading.

  74. Kemi Le says:

    I like romantic comedies and epic novels.
    kle711 at gmail.com

  75. Elizabeth Collins says:

    Almost all of them. But I guess I’m drawn mostly to paranormal, romance, and mystery


  76. Emilia says:

    I will give almost any genre a chance, but my go to favorites are paranormal romance, urban fantasy, mystery, suspense, and dystopian.


  77. Kelly H says:

    Romantic mysteries that are funny…just like the Rose Gardner series!

  78. Sabra Steinsiek says:

    Romantic suspense

  79. Casie says:

    I absolutely love the Rose Gardner series. I really enjoy reading mystery/romance novels!

  80. Robin says:

    Mystery with romance and comedy thrown in.

  81. Barb Kerrick says:

    Mysteries,thrillers and some romance.if the book can take you there it is very well worth the read

  82. Robin Santos says:

    Mystery with romance!

  83. joanne says:

    i love reading romance but anything that catches my attention within the 1st couples of chapters..i’m a goner. im so loving the mystery romance with humor… got to have some humor in my books along with the steaming romance.

  84. Patricia Castree says:

    Love mystery with romance. I love Rose!

  85. Mellissa Coles says:

    Mainly new adult but if will read just about anything!

  86. Ariel W says:

    I love mystery/thriller with romance mixed in!

  87. Kelly McCurdy says:

    I love all types. But I gravitate towards Romance

  88. Wendi Burke says:

    I enjoy mystery/thrillers and historical fiction the most.

  89. Katie says:

    I love a good mystery with some romance. Also historical fiction.

  90. Danielle says:

    I like all sorts… thriller, romance, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, classics… depends on what I’m into at the time, and what I’m in the mood for!

  91. Sans says:

    I can never pick just one, but if I had to, I’d say young adult. There are so many sub-genres to choose from and there are some simply amazing authors out there who focus on YA. sansfoster@gmail.com

  92. Mia says:

    Romantic mysteries

  93. Daniel horton says:

    Imormaly read action, crime & war, but ROSE got though to me.

  94. Melissa sytsma says:

    I enjoy romance, mystery, suspense, chick lit, and true crime.

  95. Kathy Russell says:

    I always love mysteries and romantic suspense but cozy mysteries are by far my favorite right now.

  96. Penny says:

    I mainly read crime-murder/police/medical/who done it type books with the odd chick lit throw in until I met Rose ! The rest as they say is history. Thank you for sharing Rose with us 🙂

  97. Karen says:

    Romantic, mysterious SF or paranormal is the best, but I’ve been addicted to mysteries since my days of Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew. Throw in some romance and the joy doubles.

  98. Jennifer Torres says:

    New adult romance

  99. Tracy Schmidt says:

    Romantic Mysteries

  100. Ellen Wagstaff says:

    I like romances, especially western ones like Jody Thomas.

  101. Pam Ferry says:

    I like cozy mysteries, paranormal with mystery, paranormal crime

  102. Laura Hernandez says:

    Paranormal mysteries/romance. Chosen is what started my addiction to reading as well as this genre.

  103. Cathy Lasky says:

    I love romance. Paranormal, erotic, historical.

  104. Renee Hoffer says:

    I love mysteries–especially when the book is part of a series and I get to see the characters develop over time. I love story that is so good that I become invested in the characters and think about them long after I have finished the novel.

    I also love historical fiction, nonfiction, and some science fiction (like the Twilight series). But most of my leisure reading in spent with a good cozy novel.

  105. Pam Vogel says:

    Mystery with a bit of romance is my favorite, and I also enjoy science fiction.

  106. Sheree says:

    Mystery/suspense with a bit of romance.

  107. Dana K says:

    I love humorous mystery with some suspense thrown in. Kernsdana@aol.com

  108. Doniell says:

    I love mystery romance and suspense.


  109. Pennie D says:

    I enjoy sci-fi romance and mystery romance.

  110. Tracy Walser says:

    I have always loved mysteries, especially those that are historically based. Since buying my iPad I have started to branch out more which is how I found Rose!


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