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Street Team Invitations are open

Logoforbuttons2Awhile back we started a street team.  It has been such a positive experience for Denise and me.  All of these really great readers joined us and have been supporting and promoting Denise for the past seven months.  Our Street team name is Team Swank.  We offer members incentives such as coffee mugs, Amazon gift cards, t-shirts, and other swag items as we think them up. Members of our group also have an inside track to the latest happenings here at Swank headquarters.   The job of a teammate is to help spread the word about our favorite author, Denise.  We have such creative members who come up with all sorts of great ways to get her name out there.  On top of that, we supply them with trading cards to hand out to those readers in their lives.  You may be wondering why I’m telling you about this amazing group? Well we are opening up sign ups for our group.  People who sign up need to be really excited about promoting Denise.  They need to be on Facebook(most of our communication is done through a private board there).  We only want people who are truly going to be active with our group.  We don’t require you to do everything that we suggest but we do want to see that you are participating in at least 50% of the activities or so.  Nothing that we ask is really that difficult or time consuming.  I’m going to ask some of our members to share in the comments so that you get an idea of what it is like to be a team member.  We look forward to welcoming YOU to our group.  Email me, Heather Smith, at, if you are interested in becoming a part of this next phase of our street team. Things that I need in your email include:

Your Name

Your Mailing Address

Your Email Address

Your t-shirt size(these are unisex t-shirts that run true to size)

Your favorite Denise books

Your birthday

I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Emily Pearson says:

    TEAM SWANK! This is the BEST street team to be a part of! Team Swank always has the best swag and giveaways. Not to mention she is one of my all time FAVORITE authors. You not only get to promote amazing books but you meet a lot of friends and actually feel like a team. I am humbled to be a part of this amazing team of readers, authors, and friends. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportinity!

  2. stormy says:

    I love being apart of Team Swank! Everyone is so supportive of one another . Plus it is super easy to promote someone so incredibly awesome.its really niceto be able to have some serious fan girl moments with others that share your same fondness of an amazing author. On top of all of that they give you swag just for doing something you love, would probably do anyway, and is super easy. oh, and I’ve met a ton of awesome people that i can’t wait to meet in real life one day

  3. Becky Martin says:

    I love being a team swank member!! We get to promote an amazing author!! We also get to get all the inside info!! And get to know stuff before the public does!! Denise and Heather are both amazing people!! I love helping in any way I can!! I have already gone thru 2 sets of cards and awaiting more to hand out!!! This is the best team by far!!!

  4. Kelly McCurdy says:

    I just signed up to be part of the street team! I am so excited! I love Denise’s work!!! And can’t wait to read more of her books!!

  5. Becky Podjenski says:

    It is super easy to be a part of Team Swank! Before I joined, I was already telling everyone I know about Denise’s books…now I have cool book cards to hand out to people. I take my Team Swank canvas bag to the store so people can see it. When Denise posts something book related on Facebook I share it …
    I LOVE being able to share in the excitement of new books and info as it comes out! It’s a fun team to be a part of! Reading, talking, sharing, prizes … what’s not to love?!

  6. Claire Taylor says:

    Being part of Team Swank is great, Denise is one of my favorite authors and I love all her books. Getting to know all her news first hand and before others is the best part, plus who is going to complain about getting to read her books before the release date!

  7. Melissa Morse says:

    So first blog post ever .. So Team Swank, I have to say is already amazing so much positive, support and great spirits . This really is a easy task, Just reading the first chapter of Denise’s The chosen series and I was completely hooked. I am know spreading the word at work . Kelley Dion and I work together and sit right next to each other so when we start talking about what’s going on in a book people want to I am more than happy to pass the word along with such, have to read books. I can’t wait for more …. Keep smiling 🙂
    Melissa Morse

  8. Courtney DeLollis says:

    Being a part of Team Swank is something I am very proud of!! I love all of the awesome swag and the giveaways are unbelievable!! Denise’s books are amazing – it’s why she is one of my favorite authors to read and promote!! I got the pleasure of meeting Denise at the BAE event and felt like I was meeting a celebrity! She is so awesome – you definitely need to be a part of this great team that is like family!!!

  9. Nella Dostal says:

    I definitely would like to be member of the Team Swank. She is a fantastic writer and I would more them happy to share that with other people.

  10. Pamela Hargraves says:

    I love being part of the street team. I tell all my friends about Denise and we get the greatest things to give out. We get great swag, wonderful give a ways and her books are beyond wonderful.

  11. Angie Odonnell says:

    Being a member of Team Swank is so much fun I can hardly believe my luck. I repost on Facebook, put in reviews about her wonderful books, hand out cards and tell my family and friends about her books. Besides the free giveaways I get to enter contests and have won a few times.
    Its not just one sided either Denise, Heather and the whole team are extremely supportive of each other.

  12. TEAM SWANK ROCKS….HARD CORE! I love being part of this team. We all share ideas and hand out TONS of swag! When I was at the Boston Author Event, I walked down the line of fans and handed out cards for all of Denise’s books depending on what genre people said they liked.

    When I give someone a gift, I tie the cards onto the top like a gift tag. I make sure to and them out wherever I go…I even dropped some off at my local library.

    My three year old is the best salesman…he plays with the cards while we are out (as I strategically give him a couple) and people ALWAYS ask what he’s got. It’s a great segue into a conversation about Denise and a chance to give a card or two!

    I use my mug at EVERY Dunking Donuts I frequent and they always ask about it and I always make sure to plug her.

    Denise is the best and you’ll feel honored and LOVE being a part of her team!!

  13. Terry Mitchell says:

    I am a part of Team Swank and Love it! Sharing what Denise does is one of those things that I not only love, but I enjoy! I love being able to share such an amazing author with others! Thank you Denise for sharing your stories with us! I often share the cards when I am out and about, but I am also a big virtual sharer…I run several Pages and groups on facebook and I share Denise’s Books with everyone that will listen!

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