Now Accepting Applications for the DGS Street Team

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June 14, 2014
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July 1, 2014
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Now Accepting Applications for the DGS Street Team


We are now accepting applications for the DGS street team! Just an FYI, the street team is run by Heather Pennington, Denise’s assistant, so most early contact about joining the team will be through her.

We’re excited that you want to join the street team, but Heather has put together a list of expectations so you know what you’re signing up for.

Expectations for Street Team members:

1. Two unique/new DGS reviews each year. The links need to be from Amazon or Goodreads and need to be sent to Heather through an email  OR the preferable means of sending it would be through a Facebook message directly to Heather. Please do not link Denise to these messages.  She has enough on her plate without being bombarded by links.

2. Five individual Shares on Facebook(these do not include mandatory shares). These links also need to be shared with Heather in the same means that you shared the reviews.

3. Share anything that is clearly stated as mandatory. We keep track of shares and if we see that you have not complied, then you will be removed from the group. Your share links for mandatory shares need to be sent to Heather as well.

4. Use promotional materials sent to you appropriately.  We want to know when you hand out cards and how receptive people were to them.  You don’t have to report back on every single card but we do want to hear that you are actively promoting DGS in your group of friends and family.  We love to see the creative ways that you are getting the word out about our favorite author.

5.   Maintain a positive attitude at all times on our forum and also in other forums when representing DGS.  You will be removed if we find out that anything that might be construed as inappropriate behavior is observed.

Once you have spent three months as a part of our team, have completed all shares and reviews(sent to Heather), then you will be eligible to graduate to the next level of our street team.  You will need to continue reviewing and sharing at the next level as well though.

If you’re still interested in joining, click on the link below and fill out the application!

Join the DGS Team!



  1. Argelia Jarvis says:

    Would love to join!

  2. Kara Coyner says:

    I’d love to be considered for the Streetteam!


  3. Would love to be part of the group. I believe I understand the expectations of a team member. I am about to start her Chosen series will those count toward the reviews or is it only the books being released. Either is fine with me just curious.

    Thank you for your time

    Sharon Boyd-Morales

    • Denise Grover Swank says:

      Sharon, it’s reviews for ANY of my published books. Ideally, we’d love for members to like more than one of my series. We’re very heavy on Rose Gardner readers, but we ask that members share links for my other series as well. 🙂

  4. Jen says:

    Hi would love to join what’s the email that I can send reviews to please thanks :0) xx

  5. Joelle in NJ says:

    This is an amazing group. You’re going to want to join! 😉

  6. gina mashai says:

    I would love to join!

  7. Terri Nesvacil says:

    Thanks for the consideration. I would love to be on her team!!

  8. Paula LaFevers says:

    I would LOVE to be on the team!!! I’ve read the Rose Gardner, Chosen, On The Otherside series. As well as After Math!

  9. Jackie LePree (Neubauer on Facebook) says:

    I’ve just discovered DGS, at a cool launch party I heard about from another author (Jana Deleon, a Facebook
    Friend) I’ve written 30 plus reviews for Amazon and a few for Nook.

  10. Michelle O'Neill says:

    Would love to join your street team.

  11. Uma says:

    I am deeply interested in being a part of the DGS team!

  12. Ronda Eberhart says:

    Love you books. Would love to join.

  13. Debra Durbin says:

    I Love all your books an I would love to be able to contribute anything to help with your motivation to continue with writing these great Stories (Rose Gardner). Love Them

  14. Tonya Keller says:

    I’d love to join please.

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