Meet-Ups with Denise! Meet Me in YOUR City!

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July 20, 2014
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Meet-Ups with Denise! Meet Me in YOUR City!

Meet and greet

Meet-up in Rogers, Arkansas August, 2014

In 2015, instead of going to author events, I’ve decided to start creating “meet and greet” sessions. Once a month or every other month, I’ll travel to one or two locations and meet readers in an informal setting, giving us a chance to sit around and chat. You can ask me questions and I can share things most readers don’t know. You can buy books and swag (Crappy Doodles mugs, Team Joe and Team Mason shirts anyone?) Purchase is NOT required.

We’ve tried this in two locations now (see the photo) and I loved it! They last one and a half to two hours and they are completely FREE. You are encouraged to attend and bring friends. 

I’m now trying to determine WHERE to go next–so this is where you come in. If you want me to come to your location, you need to fill at out the attached Google form. And you need to get your friends who might come to fill it out too.

I’ll be going where the most people want me. 

We’ll start scheduling the Meet-up with Denise sessions for 2015, so get your requests in! Tell me where you want me to go HERE! 

…oh wait, that didn’t sound right. 😉


  1. Jo Ann Reinhold says:

    Gee, Tampa is on your list but I don’t live there anymore 🙁 How about Boston or Hartford???? Want to come to New England?

  2. Kelly Veau says:

    Boston, MA please ☺️

  3. Debi Murray says:


  4. RuthAnn Breza says:

    Knoxville, TN

  5. Michele Ray says:

    Come to Baltimore! Close to so many awesome places like Washington DC and Annapolis.

  6. Shannon says:

    Chicago please 🙂

  7. Nina says:

    Washington, DC please 😀

  8. Lindsey says:

    Charleston, SC !!:)

  9. Samantha says:

    You can come over to my house for dinner!!! Lol or I’ll just say Stockton California!

  10. Christine says:

    Come to CANADA!!! Toronto is awesome!

  11. Angie Parish says:

    West Tennessee:)

  12. Toni Torres says:

    Please come to NY or East Coast Location! 🙂

  13. Tara says:

    Sydney Australia please!!!

  14. Mkj says:

    Minnesota! Meet & greet, then you can go shopping at MOA 🙂

  15. Jaime says:

    Portland, Oregon!

  16. Sarah says:

    Nebraska, Please! 🙂

  17. jade says:

    San Francisco!!

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