November 28, 2016

Trailer Trash: Neely Kate (Rose Gardner Exposed Novella)

Readers of my Rose Gardner Mystery series know that I often release novellas between the novels. When I released novellas before, I let my newsletter subscribers read the novellas in three parts before they officially released. They would get links and passwords in the newsletter and could gain access to read the parts on my website. It wasn’t a free download, but it was a free read. It was a way to tell my readers thank you for their loyalty and support. Unfortunately, for now, SINS OF THE FATHER is the last Rose Gardner free read novella. With the release of each novella, I got angry emails. Readers had trouble with the passwords and gaining access. (My assistant or I  would happily help them get to the page.)  Some readers missed the deadlines and were upset that I wouldn’t 1) give them access to the pages after the deadline (the pages were deleted the day after the deadline) or 2) wouldn’t send them a free copy. (That wouldn’t be fair to the other readers who didn’t get free copies and read it on the website.) Honestly, it became exhausting and disheartening. So for now, I will be releasing novellas with […]
November 7, 2016

FAMILY JEWELS (Rose Gardner Investigations #1)

****FAMILY JEWELS**** Rose Gardner Investigations #1 November 29, 2016 With only three more weeks until the release of FAMILY JEWELS, I thought I’d clear up some confusion about the new Rose Gardner series. While Rose Gardner Investigations is a new series, readers of the previous series will see a seamless transition from the novella SINS OF THE FATHER or THIRTY-SIX AND A HALF MOTIVES. Readers who have never read a Rose Gardner Mystery book will be able to start with FAMILY JEWELS without a problem. The books in the new series will no longer have the >Number and a Half< in the titles. Almost every character from the Rose Gardner Mystery series will make an appearance in the new series at some point. Each book of the Rose Gardner Investigation series will be a self-contained mystery, but there will be overlap of Rose and her friends’ personal lives over the course of the series. FAMILY JEWELS has a preorder price of $2.99 but will raise to $3.99 on December 5. There will be novellas with the new series, but for now, they will focus on secondary characters and their backstories. The novellas will be part of their own **Rose Gardner […]
September 6, 2016

Center Stage $0.99 Sale

To celebrate the upcoming release of ACT TWO, CENTER STAGE is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time. iBooks Amazon Amazon UK Nook Kobo Google Play
September 4, 2016

ACT TWO: Chapters One-Three

ACT TWO (Magnolia Steele Mystery #2) releases September 13, but here’s a sneak peek at the first three chapters!   Preorder links: iBooks Amazon Amazon UK Nook Kobo Google Play Amazon print Goodreads     “What the hell are you doin’, Magnolia?” My hand froze in midair, holding the pastry bag suspended over the tray of hors d’oeuvres. I brushed a stray hair out of my eyes with my forearm. “I’m doing what you told me to do. I’m filling the shrimp puffs.” My mother put her hands on her hips and gave me her best How did I give birth to someone so stupid? look. I’d grown accustomed to it during my teenage years, but she’d dusted it off and used it more times than I could count over the last three days. “With buttercream frosting?” I lifted up the bag and squirted some of the creamy filling onto my finger, then cringed after I tasted it. Definitely not cream cheese. “I must have grabbed the wrong bag.” “Just how many people at the art gallery show are gonna want to eat Cajun shrimp puffs filled with buttercream frosting?” The answer was so obvious I saw no reason to […]