December 9, 2012

Fan Made Trailer for THERE

Like a lot of authors, I’ve set up Google alerts. They let me know when someone has mentioned me on the internet. They don’t catch everything, but they notify me of a lot of mentions I’d never know about otherwise. Imagine my surprise when I received an alert last February telling me that there was a book trailer for HERE on YouTube. I was sure it was a mistake, but when I clicked over, sure enough there was a fan made trailer!!! I’m not ashamed to admit that I screamed with excitement. OMG! Isn’t this every author’s dream? To have his or her book touch a reader so much that they feel a need to express their appreciation? I worried that I’d look like a stalker, but I left a comment thanking Jennifer for her trailer. We became Facebook friends and Jennifer introduced me to BBC’s Being Human. ūüôā This past fall I asked her if she would like to read an early copy of THERE. I sent it to her a couple of days ago and she posted a surprise on a Facebook wall– a trailer for THERE! Thank you, thank you, Jennifer Thomas!!! You did a beautiful job!
December 5, 2012

Limited Time Only– Autographed Print Books

For a limited time only, I will offer autographed print books to the United States for $15 each bookРshipping included. If you live outside the US and wish to buy an autographed print book, contact me at and we can figure out what postage to add to the $12 price of the book. You can order more than one book per order. Just click the book, fill in who you want it autographed to, then add to cart. It will take you to a screen showing the book, and if you want to purchase more, click continue shopping. Easy enough! Books Available: THERE is listed as available, but the print books will not be ready for shipment until AFTER Christmas.  All other books WILL are subject to availability.
December 4, 2012

Boston Author Event

I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to the first annual Boston Author Event! The book signing ¬†will take place on Saturday, ¬†March 16 from 12:00-4:00 at the Omni Parker House Hotel, Boston,¬†Massachusetts. Print books will be available for purchase at the event. Twenty authors have been invited to participate. Go to the event website to see the full list. The event is free to the public but tickets are limited so register when you are able to commit. I am so excited about this event! This is my first opportunity to get out and actually meet my readers! Let me know if you think you’ll be able to come! I’d love to meet you!  
December 3, 2012

HERE is a Barnes & Noble Bestseller!!!

In preparation of the release of THERE on December 24, I decided to mark ¬†HERE down from $3.99 and put it on sale for $0.99 for Black Friday weekend. ¬†When the sale started, HERE sold well on Amazon, but performed much ¬†better on Barnes & Noble than I expected. ¬†On Thanksgiving night, HERE was ranked #24,745. ¬†By Friday night, ¬†HERE had climbed to #521, and I was beyond thrilled. HERE had never done that well on B&N. By Monday night, the night the sale was supposed to end, HERE was still climbing the B&N charts, finishing the day off at #244. ¬†I had a thiry+ blogger cover revel planned for THERE on Wednesday, so I decided to leave HERE on sale until Friday night and see what ¬†happened. By Thursday night, HERE was flirting with the Top 100, ranking at #108. ¬†I was in shock, but waiting for the slide back to begin. It seemed impossible to think HERE ¬†could break into the top. Around 3:00 a.m. Friday morning, HERE ¬†hit #99. I was ecstatic! I did it! ¬†THE TOP 100!!!! CHOSEN has broken into Amazon’s Top 100 twice. The first time it dipped in, getting to #81, then fell […]
December 2, 2012

THERE Cover and Blurb

Coming December 24! The second book in the On the Otherside series. THERE will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple.
November 28, 2012

Cover Reveal for THERE!

**THERE release: December 24, 2012** ¬†A couple of months ago I asked Dani from Refracted Light if she would be interested in revealing the cover for THERE. ¬†I knew she loved HERE and has some serious love for Reece. In fact, she asked me to write a short story from Reece’s POV for her site’s blogoversary. ¬†Of course, I said yes and came up with Once in a Lifetime. You can read it here. I was happy when she said not only yes to revealing the cover ¬†but asked if I wanted her to set up a multi-blog reveal. YES! Today’s the day thirty-one bloggers reveal my GORGEOUS cover for THERE. I’d post the cover here, but Dani has made it look GORGEOUS on her site. *Yes, I know I said GORGEOUS twice in one paragraph, but I dare you to look at my cover and claim it’s not. * So go to Refracted Light and check out the cover and then come right back. Was I right? Or was I right? GORGEOUS! Want to know the story behind the cover? Jewelz from YA Diva Book Review interviewed me about the story behind THERE”s cover. *disclaimer* Jewelz is also my […]
November 23, 2012

Black Friday Weekend Book Sale!

¬†NOTE: Kobo is having issues with displaying correct prices of several of the sale books. The search screen may show the book at regular price, but the product/buy page should show the sale price.¬† Black Friday Sale of New York Times, USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors as well as several debut authors to watch Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Our Version of Black Friday Do the shopping, holiday rush and the food coma have you wishing for a little time to relax and maybe take in a good read?¬† We have some suggestions AND right now they are all specially priced for Black Friday through Cyber Monday!¬† Here¬†¬†$.99¬† Fri-Mon by Denise Grover Swank ¬†Reg Price- $3.99 After an accident kills her best friend, Julia wakes from a coma with false memories and a new artistic talent. Six months later, her classmate Evan develps a sudden fasination with Julia, shortly after his two day disappearance. He begs Julia to run away with him, convincing her that Monica is still alive, and he can prove it. Jula agrees, never guessing where he’s really from.¬† Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo¬† Apple Rose Gardner Mysteries box set- […]
November 21, 2012

The Curse Keepers and 47North

I am THRILLED to share my big news!! ¬† (Sorry this is teeny tiny! Click on it to enlarge the picture.) I’ll start writing THE CURSE KEEPERS in December. This book has been rolling around in my head since last May after Trisha Leigh and I went on a research trip to Roanoke Island. ¬†I’ve already written the first chapter and it’s been hard to leave it alone so I can finish revising and editing THERE.¬†Ellie, the main character, is going to to be so much fun to write. The series will be a have a dark tone like THE CHOSEN series, but will have some of the humor in my Rose Gardner Mysteries. ¬†I think it will be a perfect mix and I can’t wait to write it!  
November 20, 2012

The Problem with Throwing Stones

Sometimes I’m still surprised we live in an “”us versus them” world. Five years ago, self-publishing carried the stigma of vanity publishing. All of that began to change in the last ¬†two years with the rise of the early successful self-published authors and the smaller publishing lists from the Big 6. The publishing world began to recognize that just because a book didn’t get an offer, it didn’t mean it was a poorly written manuscript. For whatever reason, the book wasn’t a good fit for them. ¬†So with this change in attitude, self-publishing became an acceptable path to publication. Nevertheless, some people cling to their belief that self-publishing is taking the lazy way out. Ha. If they only knew my crazy work schedule. I work hard at what I do. I’m an author, and I don’t need a Big 6 name inside my ¬†book to prove that. My nice royalty statements from Amazon take care of that quite nicely, thank you very much. I shouldn’t have to justify my route to publication, yet I do, not with most agents and publishing houses (shoot, big publishers are scooping the successful SP authors up and offering them mega dollar publishing deals) but […]
November 14, 2012

THERE Has a Blurb!

Julia Phillips‚Äô world is an alternate universe away. Trapped in a land where government leaders want her dead, Julia is forced to run for her life with Evan and Reece, the two boys who brought her here. They‚Äôre on their own in a hostile landscape ruled by scavengers and thieves. But Evan is battling a deadly infection, and Julia finds herself racing against time as she tries to find the medicine that will save his life. She and Reece find an unlikely ally‚ÄĒJo, a girl they free after finding her captured by bandits. As the four¬† travel across the country, Julia has something else to worry about‚ÄĒher memories are slowly being replaced by the Julia of Evan and Reece‚Äôs world. Will they find a way to send Julia home before it‚Äôs too late?¬† Or will Julia‚Äôs body and mine be trapped THERE? ————- Intrigued? The cover for THERE is done and Dani at Refracted Light has offered to host a COVER REVEAL on November 28! If you’re a blogger and want to participate, head over and sign up!
November 7, 2012

Never Underestimate the Power of Twitter and Text Messaging

aka how I found out an agent offered me representation. I am THRILLED to announce that I am now represented by Jim McCarthy of Dystel & Goderich I met Jim when I attended the NINC conference in White Plains, New York a week and a half ago. ¬†He was on the infamous agent roundtable discussion. (You can read Jim’s take on it here.) ¬†The panel got quite heated, but Jim was the voice of reason through it all. I liked that he was EXCITED about the future of publishing and I could tell it wasn’t lip service to a room full of multi-published authors. He MEANT it. ¬†He kept his head and his temper and he made ME excited that I could find an agent who would get excited about who I am, what I’ve done, and wants to partner with me to build my career. After the panel, I approached him and told him how impressed I was with how he handled himself. I asked him when he thought I would be attractive to an agent. (Some of the agents on the panel made it clear that my sales figures didn’t qualify me for their league.) He told me […]
November 7, 2012

Writer Wednesday welcomes Cynthia L. Moyer

Today we welcome the lovely Cynthia L. Moyer to the blog. ¬†This is Cynthia’s very first blog interview. ¬†We are thrilled to be a part of it. Cynthia L. Moyer spends her days raising kids and weaving tales in the southwest corner of Washington. She has red hair and blue eyes, her children are Chinese, and her husband is a forester who plants over a million trees each year. Paper or plastic? We’ll take paper, thanks. A Midwestern girl who lived in the Philippines for a year as an exchange student when she was 16, she fell in love with the Pacific Northwest when she moved to Seattle for college. After college, she found herself living on an Indian Nation above a bay full of whales and otters. She’s also lived in a dollhouse with a pink sewing room, in a purple Victorian twenty minutes from the beach, on a flowery acre under a misty mountain, and now she and her family share their home in the trees with a pack of wild bunnies in the backyard. In her life she has worked carving ducks out of wood with a burning tool, doing calligraphy, and as a dishwasher in a […]