October 17, 2011

Hiding from Child Protective Services

Our goal as parents is to protect our children. It’s an inherent trait that appears when the screaming (or not in Jenna’s case) child is plopped in your arms. But let’s face it. We’re human and accidents happen. This morning I tried my best to convince my four year old, Emma, to wear long sleeves and pants. The temperature took a dive overnight and the rain moving in cooled things off considerably. But Emma’s an obstinate child and not always prone to taking suggestion. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the many years of raising children, it’s to pick your battles. So I told her “Fine. Wear that short sleeved unicorn shirt and the jean shorts, but wear a jacket.” To which she happily agreed. I folded laundry– which I got sucked into while trying to sway her outfit decision– when she showed up wearing a too small fleece jacket, hood pulled over her head. She was quite proud of herself, especially with the hood in place, and I told her, “Great job!” Never mind that the jacket didn’t match her clothes nor that the sleeves were 3/4 length on her. I noticed that she was attempting to zip […]
September 19, 2011

Betwitching Blog Tours — Chosen

I’m so excited that today kicks of the blog tour that Betwitching Blog Tours has put together for Chosen! Roxanne has a month of exciting things planned including a radio interview on Wednesday, September 21 and a Twitter party– date to be announced. Sept 19 Tour intro- kickoff www.fang-tasticbooks.blogspot.com Sept 20 Guest Blog secretsofabooklover.blogspot.com September 21 ParaYourNormal Blog Talk Radio Show Wednesday at 3:30 pm PST 6:30 pm EST http://www.blogtalkradio.com/parayournormal http://parayournormal.blogspot.com Sept 21 Guest Blog Getting Naughty Between the Stacks http://gnbstacks.blogspot.com Sept 25 Guest Post and review http://sexxyladeeblogger.blogspot.com/ Sept 26 Guest Blog and Review http://tstillwagon.wordpress.com Sept 27 Guest Blog The Book Nympho http://thebooknympho.blogspot.com/ Sept 29 Interview and review Beverly @ The Wormhole http://wormyhole.blogspot.com Oct 7 review and guest blog Books and Needlepoint http://booksandneedlepoint.blogspot.com Oct 10 Guest Blog My Bookish Fairy Tale http://www.kristenhaskins.blogspot.com Oct 11 Interview The Ramblings of Amy – http://amylunderman.blogspot.com/ Oct 11 Guest Blog and Review www.booksandbarks.com Oct 11 Guest Blog Lisa’s World of Books http://www.lisasworldofbooks.net/ Oct 13 Guest Blog and Review ReaderGirls www.readergirls.blogspot.com Oct 15 Interview and Review Back Of The Book Reviews www.backofthebookreviews.com Oct 15 Review http://aobibliosphere.blogspot.com/ Oct 21 Interview http://www.darkangelwritingtools.com Oct 22 Review and Interview Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews Http://lauriethoughts-reviews.blogspot.com
September 18, 2011

Setting My Baby Free

It’s live! Several days before the official release date, Chosen is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both print and eBook, and Smashwords in multiple eBook formats.  Autographed print copies are also available here on my website. I love this book. It’s so much darker and heavier than Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes and I’ve already confessed my concerns over this. But the characters are so real and so flawed and their struggle to overcome in spite of everything stacked against them touches my heart.  Will readers love it just as much? Will they be offended by the strong language? But now that I’ve let Chosen loose into the world it occurs to me that releasing books is a lot like raising children. Parents have eighteen years to instill their wisdom, love and dreams.  And then they set their children free to live their lives, hoping for the best.  Authors spend months to years on their babies, preparing them for publication. And finally one day, the author releases their book into the world. They’ve done everything they can do. Now they can only hope that readers love the book as much as they do. Chosen is a […]
September 14, 2011

Why Yes, I AM a Slacker

I hosted a giveaway for the month of August. If you gave me a review, you got a chance to enter my giveaway for one of three Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards.  You all did your part, but I’ve been slow on mine. I’m a slacker. So, to make up for my obvious neglect, I’ve decided to give away FOUR gift cards to make it up to you all! Because I’ve been known to bribe my way out of things like this. Did it work? Did it? This past weekend I had my daughter Julia organize all the names and assign each entry a number. Then she used the magical random.org. (I love that guy. Err… software Sorry, too much Junie B. Jones being read in this house.)  I should have had her capture the screen, but alas, I slacked off again. Strike two. But here’s what she wrote down: #13– Carey at Life in the Carpool Lane #2 — Rea  #18 — Anne Riley   I’ll be contacting those people to find out what type of gift card they want. But that leaves my slacker winner, huh?  (Wait. That sounds all kinds or wrong.) The person who […]
August 26, 2011

Guest Post: The Importance of Using a Copy Editor

I wrote a guest post for author Eisley Jacobs about the importance of using a copy editor. My own copy editor, Jim Thomsen, added his own wisdom. Be sure to check it out!
August 24, 2011

Straddling Offensive

I’m a bit on the sarcastic side. *waiting for those who know me to stop laughing over the addition of ‘”a bit” This trait never fails to get me into trouble and I find myself pushing the limits some days. I’m sarcastic in social media as well, but I find that I have self-imposed boundaries.  Facebook is composed of predominately conservative friends, while Twitter has more liberal followers. I find that Facebook is my censored self. Twitter the more real me. Nevertheless,  born a people pleaser, it bristles when I realize I’ve offended someone. This morning I seemed to be on a roll so I Tweeted and Facebooked similar variations of this: Facebook friends are full of support and encouragement, but Twitter is another kind of playground. @JentheAmazing called me out: I read her Tweet (as I walked countless times around the walking track at my kids school) and thought. “Huh. She has a point.” I’ve been thrilled beyond belief with the reaction to Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes. Everyone loves Rose. She’s sweet, niave, and full of hope and life. And she’s everything my book Chosen is not. Soon after my copy editor finished with Twenty-Eight, I sent him […]
August 22, 2011

Cover for CHOSEN

It’s hard to believe but in less than a month I’ll have another book out! Even though Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes came out first, it was actually the third book I completed. But my first love was Chosen*. It was the book that  pushed me to write the story in my head, even when I felt completely inadequate.  And even when it scared the crap out of me. Coming up with a cover for Chosen was hard. The three main characters are Will, Emma, and Emma’s son Jake.  To only put Will and Emma on the cover would make it appear like a romance novel. And while there is a romance, there’s more to the story than that. Not to mention that it doesn’t fit neatly into the romance criteria– nice, neat HEA. (Happily Ever After) I would have loved to have all three, but that proved difficult as well. Chosen‘s  blurb: Everything Emma Thompson owns fits in a suitcase she moves from one roach infested motel to another. She and Jake, her five year old son who can see the future, are running from the men intent on taking him. Emma will do anything to protect him even when […]
August 19, 2011

The Power of the Written Word

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. But everyone knows this is a lie. Words can hurt far worse. Or heal you even more. Words can make you cry from empathy, make you laugh with joy, make you love. Make you feel alive. Words have power. Anyone who’s ever journaled knows this. To get the words out of your head and into semi-coherent thought on a page is therapy. When my husband lived in the ICU of the burn unit at Vanderbilt Hospital for five weeks, I journaled. It’s raw and it’s ugly. It was the one place I felt free to voice my fear and resentment. When he died, I stopped. For one thing, I didn’t have the energy. And for another, it was too dark. Too ugly. I didn’t want to go there again. When you are in the pit of hell, you see no light at the end of the tunnel. You see no way out. The mantle of grief is suffocating. My goal became to wake up just one more day. Take one more breath. And sometimes that wasn’t enough. I was desperate to know I would survive it yet […]
August 10, 2011

Tour of Secrets: The Secret of Spruce Knoll Book Tour

I’m so excited to share that my friend Heather McCorkle is releasing her first book on August 15! Heather and I made our decisions to publish around the same time and although our journey’s have been slightly different (Heather used Abbott Press, a division of Writer’s Digest, to publish her book while I used Createspace) we’ve both faced the same highs and lows, fear and excitement! Heather’s official bio: I am an author of young adult fantasy, in all its many sub-genres. Helping other writers and supporting fabulous authors is my passion. When I’m not writing or surfing my social networking sites, I can be found on the slopes, the hiking trails, or on horseback. As a native Oregonian, I enjoy the outdoors almost as much as the worlds I create on the pages. No need to travel to the Great Northwest though, you can find me here, on my blog four days a week, and Monday night’s on Twitter where I co-moderate the #WritersRoad chat with my good friend TS Tate. Heather’s  debut novel is a young adult fantasy novel titled The Secret of Spruce Knoll. Following the tragic death of her parents, Eren Donovan moves to Spruce Knoll to live with […]
August 5, 2011

Conceived in Fear, Born of Hope

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes book birthday isn’t even one month old yet, but I’m hard at work preparing my next book Chosen  for release in September. Each of my books are like my children. While I love them all, they each have something different that tugs on my heart. With Twenty-Eight it was Rose. What’s not to love about Rose?  When I think about Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes it fills me with hope and happiness. Chosen was conceived and gestated in fear. When I wrote my NaNoWriMo book that kick-started my writing career, it was a fairly easy going romantic suspense (full on love scene and all– it took more than a few glasses of wine to write that one) until I got to the end. Then the last two chapters were this dark gritty scene that came out no where.  I’ll be honest and admit it scared me. What made my mind wander that direction? As I waited to edit the previous mess, a new book idea came to me, innocently enough.  One night I was cooking dinner and my son’s girl friend told me she’d been counting with my then four-year-old son Ryan. If Ryan touched […]
August 1, 2011

Lend Me Your Reviews! August Giveaway!

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes is doing even better than I expected with sales and has some really awesome reviews and ratings!!! At this moment, it has twenty-three 5 star ratings and seven 4 star!  I am ecstatic!!! That’s thirty ratings with an average of 4.76%. That is unbelievable. THANK YOU! But I’m also greedy. I’m a debut author and self-published to boot. Readers only have word of mouth and reviews to rely on as to whether Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes is worth 0.99 for an ebook (to be raised to $2.99 in September)  or $10.79 for print (Barnes & Noble and Amazon.)  So now I need your help, and I’ve provided an incentive. Because I have bushel full of kids and I believe in bribery rewards sharing with friends. I’m giving away three gift certificates worth $25 each to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. (Winner’s choice ) How can you enter? Simple. If you’ve read Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, just write a review and post it somewhere that hosts reviews. The review can be one sentence or a lengthy analysis. The only thing I ask is that it be honest. One review post equals one entry. But, […]
July 18, 2011

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes Blog Stop #4

Today’s blog stop is actually at TWO places. The first is at the blog of  the lovely Carolina Valdez Miller. She’s hosting a vlog my children made to protest the one I made last week. They claim I’m a diva. So I wear a tiara. That doesn’t mean anything. *shrugs* The second stop is at Anne Riley’s blog. She’s hosting weekly giveaways and she’s giving away a copy of Twenty-Eight and a Hal Wishes along with an ARC of ULTRAVIOLET by R.J. Anderson. She’ll announce the winner at the end of the week and I’ll be sure to remind you to check! Oh, and the contest to win a book from Critique Sister’s Corner is still going on, too. Lot’s of chances to win!