October 21, 2011

Humming to the Beat of His Own Drummer

Anyone who thinks that girls talk more than boys has never met my son. When Ryan was two and a half years old, I adopted him from China. He knew no English and my pathetic Mandarin was lost on his regional dialect. Freaked out by the entire experience, he was quiet for months until he learned enough English to communicate. It didn’t help that Ryan was born with a cleft lip and palate, and although they had been repaired in China, he needed ear tubes so that he could hear better. (And look at that precious face!) My frustration with our local children’s hospital boiled to the surface when I took him to the ENT to FINALLY get them to schedule his ear tube procedure.  Ryan was terrified. He had just turned three but he didn’t understand when I tried to tell him that the doctor was only going to look in his ears. The poor resident got a stern “This has gone on long enough. This child needs to be able to hear NOW.” Still, it took another two months to fit him into their surgery schedule. But once he got ear tubes and began speech and language therapy through the […]