November 7, 2012

Never Underestimate the Power of Twitter and Text Messaging

aka how I found out an agent offered me representation. I am THRILLED to announce that I am now represented by Jim McCarthy of Dystel & Goderich I met Jim when I attended the NINC conference in White Plains, New York a week and a half ago.  He was on the infamous agent roundtable discussion. (You can read Jim’s take on it here.)  The panel got quite heated, but Jim was the voice of reason through it all. I liked that he was EXCITED about the future of publishing and I could tell it wasn’t lip service to a room full of multi-published authors. He MEANT it.  He kept his head and his temper and he made ME excited that I could find an agent who would get excited about who I am, what I’ve done, and wants to partner with me to build my career. After the panel, I approached him and told him how impressed I was with how he handled himself. I asked him when he thought I would be attractive to an agent. (Some of the agents on the panel made it clear that my sales figures didn’t qualify me for their league.) He told me […]
March 14, 2011

Blog Par-Tay Giveaway!

I love Twitter. Anyone who knows me, knows this, but one of the main reasons I love Twitter is the AMAZING people that I meet. One of those people is Carolina Valdez Miller. Honestly, I can’t remember the first time I “met” Carol, but one of my first memories of her is from a blogfest someone hosted.  I think it was a fight scene. I read her story, which she claimed to have started around midnight and finished a few hours later, and I was blown away. Blown away. I emailed my friend Trisha Leigh and said “I want to write like Carolina when I grow up.”* *true story So Carol became this person I talked to on Twitter, but also someone I admired. Then last September I went to Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s Conference in Denver. It turned out to be a Twitter hook up (not that kind) and I had the honor, pleasure and delight to meet Carol in person. She turned out to be just as nice in person as she is on Twitter, no scratch that, she turned out to be nicer. Carol’s one of those people that is so genuinely sweet you can’t help but […]