first chapter

October 8, 2012

Chapter One of REDEMPTION

Chapter One   Smoke clung to her nostrils, now an ever-burning constant. Downtown Albuquerque smoldered in the valley below her, but Emma’s more immediate concern was above. Marcus stood on the cliff, the element Water in human form. Emma knew the destruction he was capable of causing, but she’d been searching for him, hoping he would be her savior. Instead, he’d just declared himself to be her worst nightmare. “What the hell?” Will growled, trying to shield her with his body, a difficult task given that they sat on a tree growing from the rock wall. “You told me to save her. Now you’re threatening her?” Marcus leaned over the edge, opening his mouth as though to speak, but abruptly turned and ran out of view. “We have to get out of here.” Will rose to a crouch while he craned his neck to see above. “No kidding,” Emma muttered, searching for an escape as well. The tree trunk they straddled was ten feet down the side of a cliff. The car she had been in lay fifty feet below in the bottom of a ravine. “Shit.” Will growled. Emma could only imagine the lengths Will would go to protect […]