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May 19, 2012

The Amazon Book Popularity List

Sometimes I keep on top of where my books sit on lists and other times they escape me. In fact, this past February I had no idea that Chosen was #1 in all of Science Fiction and Fantasy in the entire Amazon store. Print, audio and eBooks. I would never have known if Ashelynn from Gypsy Book Reviews hadn’t notified me. I was playing around on Amazon last night and I checked out the Science Fiction and Fantasy list:                         Chosen has been in the top 100 of Science Fiction and Fantasy for 145 days and I didn’t even realize it. *head desk* Maybe I should pay more attention to these things. Part of the reason I was looking was because of the recent rumors are floating around that Amazon has changed their algorythyms again. This time they are playing with the popularity list. Did you know Amazon has a popularity list? Honestly, I often forget about it, which is bad on my part. Readers often think the popularity list is the best seller list, so a  book’s ranking on the popularity list can be a huge factor in sales. […]