August 18, 2010

Query for Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes

Oh, the dreaded query letter, the nemesis of most writers. The one page that can open a door or slam it shut, so much packed into so few words. With Chosen, for some reason I had a hard time boiling my book’s plot down into few paragraphs. With Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, I had a hard time getting the voice, because with this book, the voice is EVERYTHING. I struggled and wrote and rewrote and then I remembered hearing a piece of advice to write the query in character and then switch to third person. (Never, and I mean NEVER send your query as your character in first person.¬†NEVER. EVER. I hope I got my point across.) Okay. So I wrote my query letter as Rose, not hard since I wrote the book in first person anyway. And that right there was the key for me to turn it around. I captured Rose’s voice and then switched all my I’s and me’s to Rose and she’s. The result is what you see below: ————————————– Dear Superstar Agent: For Rose Gardner, working at the DMV on a Friday afternoon is bad enough even before she sees a vision of herself […]
June 12, 2010

Chosen Query

The time has come, the time that every author looks forward to with great anticipation and also with great dread. It’s time to query. For those of you not familiar with the ins and outs of acquiring a literary agent, an author writes a query letter and sends it out to agents, hoping to grab their attention and make them want to know more. Condensing your 95,000 word book into a few paragraphs is a challenge itself, but then to make it interesting enough that the agent is asking for more– let’s just say it takes more than a few tries. Below is my query for Chosen, in its current state. This is probably Version #5, which is actually a low number for most queries. Now if I can get the courage to send it out into the world and hope SOMEONE likes it. ****************************** Dear Superstar Agent: Everything Emma Thompson owns fits in a suitcase. She moves from one roach infested motel to another, running from the men intent on taking Jake, her five-year-old son who can see the future. She will do anything to protect him, even it means accepting the help of a stranger named Will. Jake […]