June 26, 2010


A consequence of writing is rejection. It’s part of the game. If you can’t take it, you’ve picked the wrong profession. But the irony is most writers are also insecure. They write their creations and display it for the world, hoping for the best but fearing for the worst. And believe me, now matter what you write, you will get the worst. Rejection lines the path of writing from the beginning of the process with no end in sight. First we face beta readers and critique partners. We take their views and advice and hopefully improve our babies in preparation of the next step: the search for an agent. We deal with rejections to queries; rejections to fulls and partials. Then once we acquire the Holy Grail , an agent, we hope to sell our book to a publisher. But we’re not done. When we hold that precious book in our hands and present it to the world, we deal with reviews. Anyone who has visited Amazon knows they can be scathing for no reason other than they didn’t like the description of the hero’s hair. Every step the ante is raised; the stakes are higher and the fall is […]