Trisha Leigh

January 26, 2013

Photos from Reader’s World Book Signing in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Last Saturday Reader’s World Book Store in Lee’s Summit, Missouri hosted a book signing for author Trisha Leigh and me. Although I’d been looking for a site to host a book signing for several months, when Reader’s World offered to take part in a signing with Trisha and me, I was really, really, REALLY nervous. What if no one came? I figured, if nothing else, my mother would come. And so would Trisha’s mom. What I dared not hope for was this: People were coming and going, so we don’t know how many were there, but the estimate is around fifty. Trisha and I were supposed to talk first, but someone came up and said they had to leave and could we sign their book early? Then everyone got in line. After we signed a lot of books —  >>insert my happy face<< Oh wait. It’s right above this!!!– Trisha and I discussed how we met (on Twitter several years ago), how we became critique partners, and how each one of us has contributed in some way to each other’s books, where we get ideas and how the germ of an idea can launch and entire book series. Then we […]